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Rental Software | PreferRent overview

Rental Software | PreferRent overview

What is Rental Software | PreferRent?

Through years of experience in the rental industry, Rental Management Software PreferRent has developed into a powerful solution platform that helps rental businesses improve efficiency and responsiveness, achieve higher profitability, lower costs, and expand market share. PreferRent denotes competence in the rental business and cutting-edge IT technologies.


Target customers

Hire Software | PreferRent is aimed at small-to-large, local and international rental organizations, which demand a higher level of structure in their rental business activities, with the assurance that their daily business is running smoothly according to their relevant business processes.

Modern rental software can be tailored to all existing corporate policies and requirements, thus allowing top managers to improve management of the company in every aspect of the rental business, and giving front-office employees a handy tool for their daily duties.

PreferRent has been praised by auditors as a framework to set-up an organization’s operating environment.

Designed for large & international, used in organizations of any size

Hire software | PreferRent has been designed by rental business professionals for large international organizations: for all aspects of the rental business with all organizational interests and employee roles taken into account. Even while possessing extensive functionality, every customer may customize functionality and set-up functions to those needed in a particular organization.

Vertical markets

PreferRent is a perfect match for a variety of vertical markets including:


  • Construction and heavy equipment hire 
  • Vehicle and truck rental 
  • Production equipment hire 
  • Container, fence, caravan hire 
  • Catering and event equipment hire 
  • Sports equipment hire 
  • Fleet management

Streamline & grow your business

PreferRent provides instruments for streamlining and growing your business even under the pressures of the global economic slowdown. These instruments address all key areas of your business, e.g.:


  • Sales & Service
  • Rental operations 
  • Customer service 
  • Financial operations 
  • Cost accounting 
  • Sales promotion 
  • Business analysis and planning


Hire Software | PreferRent editions quick overview


General purpose  Organizations with 1 branch Small-to-large organizations Small-to-large organizations Small-to-large organizations
Target customers Any Annual turnover starting from 1 ooo ooo EUR Annual turnover starting from 1 ooo ooo EUR Annual turnover starting from 1 ooo ooo EUR
Maximum number of users  Unlimited Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
OS requirements  MS Windows XP and newer MS Server 2003 and newer  MS Server 2003 and newer MS Server 2003 and newer
Main rental functionality [PreferRent]  + + +
eCommerce [WebPortal]  - + +
Business Intelligence [QlikView] Optional Optional  Optional +
Accounting/ERP System [MS Dynamics AX or NAV or other] Optional Optional Optional +
Customer support As negotiated As negotiated As negotiated As negotiated