Why rent from STORENT?

Here are main reasons why customers select STORENT as rental equipment provider:

  • Availability to customers after regular working hours. We handle phone calls and e-mails after regular working hours making it easier for customers to handle their tasks and work flow.
  • Most probably you aren’t looking for equipment, but for exact solution. Knowing that, we don’t just rent equipment, but learn your needs first and only then suggest appropriate solutions. Your time and costs are our priorities.
  • Ability to provide rare and unique equipment through splitrent vendors.
  • Web office where you can see full overview of cooperation history with STORENT: equipment balance on your sites, your pricing, invoicing and payment history, authorized persons list etc.
  • Rental machinery and tools from superior manufacturers, which provides you extra confidence that job will be done in time with much less probability of idle time due to equipment breakage.
  • Additional 2,5% discount if invoices are paid within 2 working days.

The way we treat our customers and partners is built on STORENT values, which shape our business practices and behavior:

  • Be in Charge – we don’t blame others for own decisions and assume full responsibility for their consequences, good or bad. We take responsibility for customers well-being and for equipment that we rent,
  • Keep moving – we don’t stay still, always ready to reevaluate, to adjust and adapt in order to keep up with changing customers’ demands,
  • Enjoy the Ride – we love what we do and sincerely enjoy to serve customers by finding optimal solutions for their tasks and challenges,
  • Seek Knowledge – to stay experts in rental equipment, we invest in training and development of the team. This is the only way to be able to constantly provide value-based solutions to our customers.