For Equipment Owners is an online platform that offers wide range of machinery and equipment for rental companies from variety of Vendors and provides online marketplace for Rental Companies and End Users. provides Equipment Vendors following benefits:

  • Powerful sales channel for your equipment, as it is offered to numerous Rental Companies on several markets.

  • Guaranteed payment for equipment used. Even if rental company defaults on a payment, you will get payment from PreferRent.

  • Fleet management is handled by our experts that make decisions based on fleet performance data. Equipment moves around in order to reach the highest possible returns, without keeping it locked within one local market.

  • Equipment repair and maintenance organized and coordinated by our technical experts under better than average market conditions.

  • Equipment is insured, and we will handle all the hassle with insurance cases by dealing with rental and insurance companies.

  • Full transparency as you may monitor equipment status and location, forecast your income, prepare and send invoices, add or withdraw your equipment units available for rent.

  • Operate in simple, safe and transparent equipment sharing platform saving your time, energy, staff costs and focus on activities that are more important for you.

Additionally, we provide an attractive investing opportunity for investors willing to diversify their sources of incomes. Investing in rental machinery and equipment allows you to gain return on investments by using favorable conditions of various construction markets. This is hassle-free investment as equipment purchase, repairs and maintenance, insurance and transportation are of our concern. has been developed by rental industry professionals with more than 20 years of experience in developing international rental businesses, as well as IT professionals with more than 15 years of knowledge in providing ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions for equipment rental companies.

The IT side is represented by SIA Aston Baltic, one of the largest Microsoft partners in Eastern Europe in the implementation of ERP systems (based on Axapta and Navision, etc.) in various industries.

The rental industry is represented by rental industry experts with more than 20 years of experience in rental industry.